The abstract paintings of Bert Ernie are expressions of emotions or subjects that are difficult to paint using a realist technique. The creative process starts with the title of the work – then the act of painting begins.

The idea behind the abstract paintings is to imagine what a photograph (if it could be taken) would look like if it were ripped up into a great variety of random shapes and then thrown up in the air to fall randomly back on the image plane. This approach allows for a creativity that is very high. All kinds of forms can be created – from the smallest of paint dots thru to the largest shapes of colour. The actual shapes can also be quite complex and can also blend seamlessly from one to another.

The results are amazing – the viewer can spend quite a long time gazing at the incredibly complex array of highly coloured, extremely abstract forms. All of the abstract paintings are also designed to be visually beautiful – even the ones that deal with negative ideas like depression and loneliness.