Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2The second painting Bert has sold

Abstract painting | Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2
This is the second painting Bert Ernie has sold. The new owners get a great deal of joy from it. This makes Bert both happy and proud.
There are some elements in this artwork which are quite dynamic. They dance and burst forth with color.
The quality of what you see changes according to how far you stand from my abstract paintings. As you get closer the human eye gets to wander across the surface – tracing the path of color and forms.
Dimensions: 60x90cm.
Painted: 2019.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: This painting is in a private collection.

The story behind Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2

An orange sun amidst a bright blue sky. A few white clouds. A carpet of lush green grass punctuated with numerous patches of different, and brightly colored flowers – Yarra Glen in the middle of spring. The sheer complexity of our natural world is represented in this image by countless chaotic shapes of the entire spectrum of colors. Those shapes range from the smallest dots to large swathes of hue. The foreground merges with the background in places. The painting has a different effect depending on the distance the viewer looks at it from – it is as complex as it is simple.

A photograph of such a scene is a lovely thing to see. It brings joy to the heart. It makes one yearn for the quiet of such a rural landscape. The problem is that a realistic image is all too commonplace. As an abstract artist, I continually strive to create art that is an expression of the photographic picture or imagined idea. As the level of abstraction goes up, the level of expression increases – as the intensity increases the power of the artist to create truly beautiful art goes up exponentially.

The field of flowers paintings are an appreciation of our natural world and a reminder that we should never forget that we live amongst some incredible beauty. It is up to us when we lose sight of the joy of life, to reacquaint ourselves with the majesty of Gaia.

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Detail views of abstract painting – Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2

Abstract painting | Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2 | Detail 1
Abstract painting | Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2 | Detail 2
Abstract painting | Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2 | Detail 3
Abstract painting | Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2 | Detail 4

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