The art of Bert Ernie

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Bert Ernie is a 48 year old Australian artist. He is a self-taught, painter, sculptor and photographer.
Someone who isn’t even in any way shape or form like any other artist.

For the last 20 years Bert Ernie has painted mostly in the photorealistic genre. Portraits, landscapes, still life and specialized genre paintings have been created from his skillful hands. The range of subject matter is incredibly varied and is unlike any other photorealist painter in its breadth and diversity. Another factor that makes Bert's photorealism unique is the conceptual value that the work has.
The goal of these photorealist paintings is to make the viewer think; they are almost never purely about just visual trickery.

To express emotions and weirdness Bert paints in the abstract expressionistic style. These works of art are incredibly detailed, chaotic, colourful and beautiful pieces of art made with paint that has been splattered, dripped and made to run all over the surface.
Bert believes his abstract paintings are equally valid as any of his photorealist work.

As a professional draftsman Bert was employed to bring his extremely capable three dimensional modeling skills to create industrial products and their associated tooling. His main interest as a digital sculptor was in creating spaceships. This was his passion when it came to sculpting. Sadly none of the earliest models exist anymore. Just a few renderings.
A new interest in digital sculpture has Bert creating new work for 2016.

As a photographer Bert is primarily interested in landscape. He enjoys conveying the beauty of his home town – Yarra Glen. Some of the HDR imagery is incredibly beautiful. It is hoped that some of these photographs will form the basis of some new paintings.
There are many prints available of Bert's photography.

Digital abstraction is Bert's new artistic pursuit.
The work is extremely complex, dynamic and beautiful.