Russian butcherabstract painting of a bald dwarf

Abstract painting | Russian butcher
A very intense abstract painting which deals with the Russian butcher Vladimir Putin the bald dwarf.
Despite the horrific concept it’s quite beautiful in its physical form.
Dimensions: 76x101cm.
Painted: 2023.
Materials: Acrylic and enamel on canvas.
Availability: For sale $90 unframed. $450 framed.

Abstract painting – Russian butcher

Vladimir Putin is a tyrant. And he is also a bald dwarf.

The highly controversial painting titled “Russian Butcher” by Australian artist Bert Ernie has garnered much attention for its depiction of a bald dwarf by the name of Vladimir Putin. The painting is a commentary on the Russian President’s invasion of Ukraine and his disregard for human life and dignity.

The painting itself is quite large, measuring roughly 76 by 101cm. The canvas is filled with a multitude of colors that create dynamic forms with splattered, spattered runs of color that range across the spectrum. The artwork is reminiscent of the abstract expressionist style of painters like Pollock and Riopelle, with its bold, gestural brushstrokes and explosive use of color.

The dominant feature of the painting is a large red abstract form that symbolizes death and horror. This element of the painting is particularly striking, conveying the dark and ominous nature of the subject matter. Despite the horror of the painting’s theme, it is undeniably beautiful, with its bold colors and energetic brushwork drawing the viewer in.

At the heart of the painting is Vladimir Putin, depicted as a bald dwarf. The artist’s use of this particular physical attribute is intentional, suggesting that Putin’s actions are those of a small and petty tyrant, obsessed with power and control. The painting serves as a powerful commentary on Putin’s actions in Ukraine, highlighting the devastating consequences of his aggression and disregard for human life.

Throughout the painting, Ernie uses a range of abstract forms and shapes to convey the chaos and destruction wrought by Putin’s actions. The painting is full of energy and movement, with each brushstroke expressing the artist’s anger and frustration at the situation in Ukraine.

The use of color in the painting is particularly striking, with Ernie employing a wide range of hues to create an almost psychedelic effect. Blues, greens, and yellows mix with the reds to create a sense of chaos and confusion, mirroring the turmoil that Putin’s actions have caused in Ukraine.

Overall, “Russian Butcher” is a powerful and provocative work of art, offering a scathing critique of Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine. The painting’s use of abstract forms and bold colors creates a sense of energy and movement, drawing the viewer in and forcing them to confront the horror of the situation. And, of course, the painting’s repeated references to Putin as a bald dwarf serve as a pointed reminder of the Russian President’s small-minded, petty, and tyrannical nature.
Bert Ernie

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Wall mockup view of abstract painting – Russian butcher

Abstract painting | Russian butcher | Wall mockup

Detail views of abstract painting – Russian butcher

Abstract painting | Russian butcher | Detail 1
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