Photorealist painting - Self portrait 2012
Photorealist painting - Self portrait 2012
Acrylic on MDF board
40 x 28cm

Bert Ernie – the angry artist – a self-portrait

This self-portrait was taken from a source image captured in 2004. Bert had wanted to paint a self-portrait for the Archibald prize, and in it he wanted to express his anger at the judges. After taking many photographs a stern looking photo was picked but the project never went ahead due to the rules that seem to prevent the use of photography (‘must be painted from life’).

Many years later he decided to paint that old photo and enter it. It made no impression on the judges whatsoever. It does serve as a milestone, a marker if you will, of how far the artists technical skills have improved. Bert is an enormous fan of Seventeenth century Dutch artists; specifically Rembrandt and his outstanding oeuvre of self-portraits. If you would like to see a truly great masters work then click here.