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Photorealism painting | Therion
One of the first things Bert can remember about his experience with art was seeing seventeenth century Dutch art when he was a young boy. It was incredibly realistic. It formed the idea that the best art is accessible. It should be easily understood across age groups and cultures. When Bert first had an itch to create art (27 years old) he started with photorealism. This painting is a homage to the group portraits that were popular in Holland at that time.
Very cool subject because the people in it stare right back out at you.
When Bert finished this he posted it on a forum for fans of Therion. He got many positive comments. But Bert was quite taken aback by the comments that Christofer Johnsson (the founder of the band) made. He can’t remember the details but they were particularily unkind and critical of both him as an artist and the painting itself He’s entitled to his opinion but Bert lost all respect for him due to his viscous remarks.
Dimensions: 61x83cm.
Painted: 2010.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: Private collection.

The story behind Therion

Bert Ernie has produced a group portrait of the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. This is entirely black /grey/ white. There is no colour because the source image had been modified with some colour channel manipulation, so Bert converted the image to grey-scale. Unfortunately, he then found that it made for a real challenge to paint such a piece.

Bert first heard Therion in 1997 and was struck by the uniqueness, absolute beauty and dynamism of the music. You can go and check out their videos on YouTube.

Christofer Johnsson is the founder of this band (bottom left), and he is an incredible guitarist. Supporting him (in this topmost photo) are, female vocalist Lori Lewis (top left) and the bass guitarist Johann Niemann (top, second from left), vocalist Snowy Shaw (top, third from left), guitarist Kristian Niemann (top second from right), vocalist Matt Leven (top right), drummer Petter Karlsson (bottom right), female vocalist Katarina Lilja (bottom middle).

This photorealistic painting is a contemporary take on group portrait paintings typified by many of the Seventeenth century dutch painters like Frans Hals.

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Wall mockup view of photorealistic painting – Therion

Photorealism painting | Therion | Wall mockup

Source image of photorealistic painting – Therion

Photorealism painting | Therion | Source image

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