Orange flowersa photorealist painting of orange flowers

Photorealism painting | Orange flowers
Here’s some orange flowers.
Look, they are so pretty.
Actually they are not pretty.
They’re actually known as ‘orange pigface’.
Dimensions: 21x28cm.
Painted: 2009.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
It is sold framed behind glass.
Availability: Private collection.

The story behind Orange flowers

Contemporary artists often think in terms of ideas and radical experimentation for their art; rather than just being merely decorative and beautiful. In their pursuit of being seen as part of the avant-garde, they lose the respect of a great deal of the public. Most often, the sort of paintings that the general public want is as simple as – flowers!

Bert spent a lot of time painting this rather small painting of these bright orange flowers – 48 hours to be exact. Photorealism isn’t easy to do. It is quite surprising what makes an image hard to do. It can be the colors, scale of the image, or the surfeit of details. This painting was all three.

These flowers are commonly known as ‘orange pigface,’ or their proper name is ‘Lampranthus aurantiacus.’

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Wall mockup view of photorealistic painting – Orange flowers

Photorealism painting | Orange flowers | Wall mockup

Source image of photorealistic painting – Orange flowers

Photorealism painting | Orange flowers | Source image

I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.