Necronom V

Necronom V

A photorealist copy of HR Giger’s painting

Necronom V
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This is the first thing I ever painted.

Dimensions: 50x70cm.
Painted: 1995.
Materials: Acrylic on card.
Availability: For sale $700.

The story behind Necronom V

Hans Ruedi Giger had the most profound influence on my younger self. The Swiss surrealist painter’s imagery was unique and incredibly skillful. Necronom V is the first painting I ever did – it is a direct copy of Giger’s painting. It is part of the Necronomicon series of paintings that Giger did in the 1970s. The creature depicted in the painting was an inspiration for the Alien films.

Necronom V - Detail 1
Necronom V – Detail 1
Necronom V - Detail 2
Necronom V – Detail 2
Necronom V - Detail 3
Necronom V – Detail 3
Photorealist painting - Necronom V - Wall mockup
Photorealist painting – Necronom V – Wall mockup

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