Photorealism painting - Mike King
Bert Ernie started to ride BMX when he first started to paint; at 27 years old. Bert bought all the magazines and Mike King was a professional BMX racer who was spending more of his time racing downhill mountain bikes. To say he was/is a legend would be putting it mildly.
in 2012 Mike King posted (on social media) a photgraph of when he was a child hiting some stylish air at the local dirt jumps. Bert had to paint it. It personified the joy of riding BMX.
The painting is so/so. Numerous problems arose with the grey image and the background. But it is what it is.
Dimensions: 60x31cm.
Painted: 2012.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: For sale $60 unframed. $250 framed.

The story behind Mike King

Photorealist painting of a young Mike King jumping his BMX bike. Mike King was an incredible BMX racer and he later went on to do very well at downhill mountain biking. He posted a photograph of when he was a young boy jumping his bike at the local dirt jumps on twitter. Bert took that image added a section to the top to create a better composition and then painted it.

Here’s Mike’s wikipedia page.
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Wall mockup view of photorealistic painting – Mike King

Photorealism painting - Mike King - Wall mockup

Source image of photorealistic painting – Mike King

Photorealism painting - Mike King -Source image

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