Fog at Yarra GlenFailed attempt at painting an abstract landscape

Photorealism painting - Fog at Yarra Glen

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This is a painting I wish I had never attempted. It was extremely difficult to replicate the soft focus blur that was in the original photograph.
I may repaint this. Especially the raised brush strokes in the upper right.
You learn from your mistakes. Well sort of: I went on to make another mistake where I hadn’t judged the difficulty/scale/painting support correctly. Witness Sunrise over Yarra Glen.
Dimensions: 90x60cm.
Painted: 2014.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: For sale $250.

The story behind Fog at Yarra Glen

Painting fog as a photorealist is a challenge. This is because the nature of fog, with its blurring of the scene, makes it both difficult to draw and paint. The photograph location is the main bridge into the town and in the background you can see the old and unused bridge.

This painting is by far my worst photorealist painting. I hate it!
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Source image for painting

Photorealism painting - Fog at Yarra Glen - Source image

Wall mockup for painting

Photorealism painting - Fog at Yarra Glen - Wall mockup