Byzantium SecurityA political painting

Photorealism painting - Byzantium security

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A quickly dashed off painting that makes little attempt to impress the viewer with painterly skills.
A low resolution image means I had to improvise when painting the faces.
Quite thin application of paint with the yellowish MDF board is visible at the edges of some forms.
Conceptual photorealism at its finest.
Dimensions: 47x70cm.
Painted: 2013.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: For sale $400.

The story behind Byzantium Security

This image was sourced from a relatively low-resolution image which popped up on the internet. It is such a profound image I managed to complete the painting within two weeks of its first appearance on Twitter. It speaks volumes for the state of the capitalist world.

It soon became apparent that the Byzantium security advertisement was for a TV show about spies. Regardless this is another of my political paintings which are primarily conceptual as well as realistic.

The idea of the wealthiest 1% being the only people that matter is genuinely offensive for an anarchist like me.

Note: This is the only painting I have ever signed. Look at the top right-hand corner, and you see my birth name – Mark Russell.
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Detail views of painting

Photorealism painting - Byzantium security - Detail 1
Photorealism painting - Byzantium security - Detail 2

Source image

Photorealism painting - Byzantium security - Source image

Wall mockup

Photorealism painting - Byzantium security - Wall mockup