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Digital Abstract Painting - Image 027 - Wild Style 1

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My quest to make colorful digital art is inspired by abstract painters like Jean-Paul Riopelle who radically changed the art world. Riopelle isn’t as famous as Jackson Pollock but for me he is, by far, a better painter. His lyrical, colorful and dynamic forms have served as a huge inspiration for me as an abstract painter.
This digital abstract painting is a form of digital grafitti. It’s intended to be about large-scale colorful forms that make the eye wander.
With the use of repeated forms this painting is a little different from my usual work.
Dimensions: 17400px X 14400px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

Poster $27 USD

The story behind – Wild syle 1

This painting is one of my earlier attempts at digital abstract painting revitalized. I took an older file and tweaked it till it worked. I am happy with the way it offers further ideas for exploration for expression in this direction.
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