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Digital Abstract Painting - Image 027 - Wild Style 1
Bert’s quest to make colorful digital art is inspired by abstract painters like Jean-Paul Riopelle who radically changed the art world. Riopelle isn’t as famous as Jackson Pollock but for Bert he is, by far, a better painter. His lyrical, colorful and dynamic forms have served as a huge inspiration.
This digital abstract painting is a form of digital graffiti. It’s intended to be about large-scale colorful forms that make the eye wander.
With the use of repeated forms this painting is a little different from Bert’s usual work.
Dimensions: 17400px X 14400px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as several products. Canvas art, Poster and items of clothing and accessories. Click the big blue button.

The story behind – Wild syle 1

A canvas waits, a digital space for wild creations to take place. A madman’s mind, a renaissance man’s grace, in one minute, art takes its place.

With vibrant hues and electric blues a digital squiggle, a digital bruise, a burst of color, a chaotic fuse. The 21st century renaissance man, he refuses to lose.

He dances with pixels; he grooves with lines, each stroke, a masterpiece. A symphony of signs; a digital abstract world, and of a unique wild style – a digital graffiti that shines.

The squiggles and loops, they twist and bend. A language of color, a story to end. An inverted phi, a cosmic bend. A digital abstract art that never ends.

So let the madman dance, let the art take flight, in this digital realm, there’s no wrong or right. Just the beauty of chaos, a digital sight created by a 21st century renaissance man who loves to whip up his unique digital delight.

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I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.