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Digital Painting - Image 017 - The return of Christ
If Jesus Christ were to return today he would be horrified. The things done in the name of Jesus are simply done for one thing – for the religious leaders to wield power over the weak-minded for the benefit of the religious leaders and the powerful elites.

Jesus was for the common man. He also preached community at every turn.

Sure, there are plenty of Christians doing positive things for the community they live in. But most of the big churches are not following the values of Jesus Christ.
Bert is an atheist. So what would he know about Christians? As an anarcho-pacifist he noticed that many of those in the same ‘intellectual space’ were devout Christians.
Bert has zero problems with any person of faith. As long as they don’t cause Bert any grief; which is rare. He will also defend any person’s right to their faith/relgion/ideas as long as they don’t cause harm to someone else.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Coming soon.

The story behind The return of Christ

Verily I say, the end is here, the return of Christ is drawing near. And with it comes a day of reckoning, a time for all to see humankind weakening.

But alas, how little we care, for those who struggle and who bear the burden of this world’s disdain. Just so they can suffer under the churches gain.

Jesus will observe a place of greed and strife, and a world with little care for human life. For wealth and power rule the land, and those with less will know they are under command.

The Christ shall come again, and when he does, he’ll judge all men, for how they treated those in need, and what they did for their own greed.

So let us take heed of this fact and make the churches sacked, so we can help those who struggle day by day, and care for them in every way.

For if we do not show love’s light, and help the less fortunate in sight, then Christ, when he returns might decide to turn us all into worms.

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