Squared off cosmosan absurd painting

Digital Abstract Painting - Image 025 - Squared off cosmos
A few words thrown together is the basis for the idea behind this digital abstract painting titled Squared off cosmos. From there Bert just creates forms and colors that are reflective of his starting point.
What an absurd idea. A squared off cosmos. Who ever heard of some sort of geometrical limit imposed on the ultimate in infinite vastness?
Well Bert took that idea and ran with it. An absurd proposition results in an absurd abstract painting. Albeit something that is exquisitely beautiful, dynamic, chaotic, regulated and ulimately very visually interesting.
Dimensions: 17400px X 14400px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind – Squared off cosmos

A mind so twisted, a vision so flawed. A man who sees things, that leave us in awe. He stumbled upon a truth, so unique and so grand. That the Cosmos, dear friends, is a square, and not a tortured band.

The stars and the planets, the asteroids and the sun, all inside a square, that’s where they fly. And as he looked closer, with a curious eye, he saw a spiral loop, that descends from the sky.

The colors were brilliant, the hues so bright, the elements swirling, in a colorful sight. He was enamored, with this cosmic delight, a square that contains, a spiral so bright.

He laughed, and he cried, with joy in his heart, his mind was now free, from the shackles that marred. For he had discovered, a truth so grand, the Cosmos was not round, but a square, and oh so planned.

So let us remember, this man with a twist, who saw the world differently, with his curious wist. For he has shown us, a vision so new, that the Cosmos, dear friends, is a square, and part of the endless zoo.

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