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Digital Painting - Image 006 - Randy Cumpacker
Bert Ernie was once a world champion of BMX. In another life. My name then was Randy Cumpacker. I could pull a mono on my bike for miles. I could spin, whip and flip any old dirt jump. I was the King of BMX.
I love that one day soon I will be able to use these digital artworks to create all manner of colorful clothes for my clothing company – wild peach clothing.
I was listening to the insanely inspirational music of The Universe Divide when painting this latest batch of digital abstract paintings.
This digital abstract painting is going to look amazing on a pair of leggings or a t-shirt.
Dimensions: 6000px X 4000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a pair of men’s boxer briefs and a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind Randy Cumpacker

You have to ask yourself – is this guy Randy Cumpacker for real? Yes, the answer is yes! Unfortunately Randy passed away a few years ago. He fell into drug abuse and died in a Woolworths parking lot in the desert.

I have lived many lives and concurrently living many more. All of the ‘Bert Ernie’ lives out there are lived by complete and utter lunatics. Like Randy Cumpacker.

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