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Digital Abstract Painting - Image 019 - Randy Cumpacker returns
Randy is a wildman. And he has returned. Those two ideas set me Bert off on a quest to create a beautiful and dynamic digital abstract painting again.
Randy Cumpacker – the graphic designer. Who would of thunk that.
In this case he has returned. From where – unknown. All I know is that this is a wonderful portrait of him standing there against a blue-purple background.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available on a men’s t-shirt at my clothing company.

The story behind – Randy Cumpacker returns

Randy Cumpacker, reborn and bright, a cool dude with a new insight. His talents have been brought to life, as a vivid, bold art so rife.

With color, form, and line, he paints a world of beauty, wild and colorful design. His digital brush, a stroke of grace, creating art that is totally ace.

In the world of art, he reigns supreme, a master of the digital scene. With each flick of the mouse he brings to life, a world of wonder and strife.

His art is a window to his soul, his art a manifestation of this goal. He paints to capture the beauty that surrounds, and bring it to life, in vivid hues that often astounds.

Randy Cumpacker, a true master, a painter of wonder, now and after. His art will forever be a testament, to his brilliance; even though it was all one big experiment.
Bert Ernie

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