Randy Cumpacker 2The second portrait

Digital Abstract Painting - Image 021 - Randy Cumpacker 2
Randy Cumpacker is a wildman. That’s for sure. In this second portrait Randy has gone out dancing for the night. He has set himself a goal of meeting a woman who would like to perhaps come back to his place of residence for a little action.
I love the idea of a legendary person like Randy Cumpacker. So I have decided to create a series of paintings that are all about him.
In this portrait he is wearing a colorful pair of mens leggings and a string vest.
Dimensions: 12500px X 8334px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s soon to be available as a pair of men’s leggings at my clothing company.

The story behind – Randy Cumpacker 2

Randy Cumpacker, a cool dude indeed, with a style that’s unique, and straight from the street. He stepped into the disco, with flair and a smile, dressed in his finest threads, to dance and strut for a while.

His suit, brightly covered, with patterns so bold, a genuine statement of fashion, a story untold. He was ready to dance, and let his body move, in a sea of lights and sounds, that would set the groove.

The music, it pumped, and Randy gyrated wildly to the rhythm that thumped. Randy let loose and danced hoping to excite, Randy was hoping to attract a woman to bed for the night.

The night was alive, with energy so bright, as Randy twirled and spun, through the disco’s night. His moves so fluid, a genuine work of art, a storm on the dance floor, which sprang from the depths of his heart.

The night went on, and the music played, Randy danced on, in a bright display. He was the life of the party, a true disco king, a dazzling spectacle, full of zing.

Many hours of dancing like a madman got Randy tired, and in the end he judged he had misfired. No woman came to dance with him, so he decided to scoot, endlessly frustrated that none of the women wanted a root.

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