Randy Cumpacker 2image 021

Digital Abstract Painting - Image 021 - Randy Cumpacker 2
Randy is a wildman. That’s for sure. In this second portrait Randy has managed to sit still (on his throne no less) for this remarkable digital abstract portrait.
I love the idea of a legendary person like Randy Cumpacker. So I have decided to create a series of paintings that are all about him.
In this portrait he is wearing a colorful pair of mens leggings and a string vest.
Dimensions: 12500px X 8334px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s soon to be available as a pair of men’s leggings at my clothing company.

The story behind – Randy Cumpacker 2

I get bursts of inspiration where I just want to create something to cheer me up. I spend a few hours trying various new techniques and approaches. I tweak, I adjust, add a little bit here or there, take a little bit away. All the time with an idea in my head of the subject. In this case it is the iconic superstar Randy Cumpacker.
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