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Digital Painting - Image 002 - Pyschoman
This is another journey down the road of my exploration with creating digital abstract paintings. And boy are these paintings crazy. I am the psychoman.
This one has the idea/theme of a psychoman.
The chaotic swirling lines are indicative of unordered thoughts that manifest themselves in my art.
This digital abstract painting is going to look amazing on a pair of leggings or a t-shirt.
Dimensions: 6000px X 4000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Coming soon.

The story behind Psychoman

The act of painting these days for me is as much a relief from a dreary day to day depression as much as it used to be a creative outlet where I strived to be better with every artwork.

With that said it is an incredible process of discovery. The composition of form and color to create a sense of the idea and theme of the artwork is a challenge – and when finished it becomes an exhilaration.

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I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.