OrgasmIt’s exactly what you think

Digital Abstract Painting | Orgasm
This painting is what the title suggests – an orgasm. It’s meant to use a collection of colorful and dynamic forms to suggest movement and release.
Multilayered digital abstract paintings are great for suggesting multiple images depending on the viewers distance and their mindset.
For many people they will see a very abstract collection of forms which the painting title suggests. And that’s what I intended. That’s what I painted. However due to the multi-layered approach the complexity of these digital abstract paintings allows for all manner of alternative images to form in the mind of the viewer if they look at the work from different focus levels (overall to small detail) and with an open mind.
This painting is like a lot of my abstract work – relying on the human minds ability to perceive something other than what is actually there. This is called Pareidolia.
Dimensions: 10000px X 15000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind Orgasm

I wanted to create something a little edgy; me being the king of all edgelords. So what better way than to paint a mammal’s ultimate release of pent-up tension.

On one level this painting is about sexual orgasm but it is in many ways about visual orgasm. This painting is composed in a manner that reads from bottom right to top left. There’s a tight knotted form at the lower part which is where the viewer should start. There are several abstract forms visible if you take your tame to look at just that small area. Then let your eyes move upwards.

More forms will appear.

Zoom all the way out. Then you will see different things.

This is the key to enjoying the abstract art of Bert Ernie.

Multi-layered, dynamic, colorful, extremely complex art for those that can take the time to appreciate it.

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