MisinformationJanuary 6th 2020

Digital Painting - Image 016 - Misinformation
There are billions of fools on this planet. Mindless muppets who have little ability to see the misinformation for what it is.

Because of the human need to feel the warmth of belonging to a particular tribe they then absorb and then regurgitate the ideas in that information silo.

This is the saddest thing Bert has seen, with the development of the internet, the willingness to swallow misinformation.
Left wing, right wing – it doesn’t matter. 99% of you have little ability to think outside of the box. Even more laughable is that a particular group will point to the ‘others’ in their particular silo and proclaim their stupidity.
Cosider that you are all a singular group with the basic needs for an enjoyable time on the surface of this planet. And then along come the elites; they will divide you, once that is done – they have conquered you. Bert is constantly reminded of this when he sees supporters of various politicians (left and right) rehash their tired old lies with nary a thought for the real unvarnished reality. This is what misinformation does.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Coming soon.

The story behind Misinformation

In a world of misinformation, so many are misled, by stories spun with purpose. Tales that fill up countless empty heads with fear and hate and dread. Lies spread by a nefarious few, and the masses follow blindly, with nary thought anew.

These people march in lockstep, with eyes cast to the ground, believing what they’re told, with no truth to be found. For the truth that lies within, they’ve traded it away, amplifying each others spin.

And as they delve deeper, down the rabbit hole they fall, with every passing moment, losing touch with reality all.

For the truth has been distorted, and facts are just a game, in this world of misinformation, where the liars seek fame.

So be wary of what you read and try to seek what is true, for in this age of darkness, we need to do more than resort to a coup.

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