Mick Jagger’s PartyMe and Wiggle went to a wild party

Digital abstract painting | Mick Jagger's Party
Bert gets invited to a number of great parties with many of the worlds great celebrities. It is hard to find a more cool chap than Mick Jagger.

So in March 2022 Bert and his friend Wiggle (he doesn’t have a last name) found themselves at Mick’s party in the south of France.

This is a digital abstract painting of that very memorable night.
This digital abstract painting is going to look amazing on a pair of leggings or a t-shirt.
Dimensions: 4000px X 6000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Coming soon.

The story behind Mick Jagger’s Party

Mick wanted to throw a party to celebrate him getting a new pet tortoise – the call went out – and me and Wiggle were there. And boy was it ever a wild party. The place was packed full of celebrities! These are just some of the people that were there.
Jeff Anderson – from film series Clerks.
Noam Chomsky – Popular anarchist – 92 years old.
Rio Hamasaki – Japanese actress.
Stewart Copeland – Drummer from The Police.
Omar Sy – French actor.
Keef Richards – Guitar player from some band.
Ed Coan – Retired powerlifter.
Lewis Hamilton – Taxi driver.
Henry Rollins – Pop star and poet.
A good time was had by all. Mick put on a buffet of the finest food and drink, which was enjoyed by all. Entertainment was provided by a wild death metal band who played quietly in the background and many of the guests enjoyed a dip in the pool.

One memorable moment was when Mr Hamilton showed us his tricks on a flatland BMX bike. He whipped twenty perverted decades in a row. There was also an arm wrestling tournament for anyone that wanted to enter. The finals saw Noam beat Henry. At the end of the night we all turned into butterflies and flew away.

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