Map of space 1a map of part of the cosmos

Digital abstract painting | Map of space 1
Bert is free to explore a great variety of ideas with his digital abstract paintings. Map of space 1 is one of these more exoteric artworks.
More conceptual than anything and not based in a realist image.
But interesting to look at.
Dimensions: 12500px X 8334px.
Painted: 2023.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind Map of space 1

Cartography taken to the last frontier.

Unfortunately, that cartographer is a madman and is most interested in making diagrams that show the locations of where the wizards live amongst the stars.

Now and then he will show a proper map of his surrounds; it will only be visible to those who can see invisible ink.

Layer upon layer. Illusion upon illusion. Places visited. Places not visited. Up, down, this way, that way. A map. A three-dimensional map plus the RGB coordinates.

Not making sense. Keep looking.

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