Madman 2image 023

Digital Abstract Painting - Image 023 - Madman 2
A portrait of Vladimir Putin. This digital abstract painting is after Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son.
The goal of these digital abstract paintings is to create beautiful things. Beautiful art. Beautiful abstract art. Beautiful digital abstract art.
And I have succeeded.
Even the most ugly and obscene subject/idea gets the make it absolutely beautiful treatment here in the crazed mind of Bert Ernie.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

Poster $27 USD

The story behind – Madman 2

Vladimir Putin is a tyrant. He is the most despicable person alive today. And he is a complete and utter madman. He has no comprehension of reality. Literally. He chooses to believe in this fantasy world (Russia the great) which is not connected to reality in any way, shape or form.

I support tyranicide. Vladimir Putin is absolutely a tyrant. I would kill him without hesitation. Or remorse.

This painting is after one of Goya’s black paintings Saturn Devouring His Son.
Saturn Devouring His Son - Goya
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