Graphical insanitya hell of a painting

Digital Painting - Image 012 - Graphical insanity
Bert’s recent work with digital abstraction owes a lot to his love of graphic design. So he thought he would make a painting about the art itself. A hell of a painting it is too. Graphical insanity.
Geometric order combined with visual chaos. And color. And hidden elements. Visual interest. That’s a summary of all of his latest digital abstract paintings.
These are soon to be made available as posters, and garments like leggings and t-shirts at wild peach clothing.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Coming soon.

The story behind Graphical insanity

Found a box of digital crayons. There’s twenty of them. And some Mecanorma transfer lettering. And a big old digital paint brush with some magic tricks inside.

First thing to come out is a big fat purple monster who climbs the tree of graphical insanity. When he gets there he shouts.

Nobody can hear him though. Nobody cares because the art doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the number of units shifted.

The big old chopping wheel comes down and slaps you in jail. Thrown in jail for being too wild, too colorful and basically ignoring the rules.

More whinging, more complaining.

Shut-up. Just look at the image. Keep looking. Stop when you are bored.

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