Eye of Satana painting about weakness

Digital abstract painting | Eye of Satan
Bert Ernie believes the biggest sin of all is weakness. Weakness leads to evil. All evil is due to weakness in humans. The eye of Satan is on us all.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2023.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind Eye of Satan

True evil lies in the hearts of the weak. The eye of Satan looks for the weak. And he finds it in those who don’t question authority.

The weak cower and do sweet fuck all. Maybe a little tut-tut here and a squeak of complaint there.
It might seem that certain power structures represent the opposition to Satan but this is usually false.
These powerful elites are deceivers. They do nothing except command obedience and serve themselves with the power that the weak willingly give.

The strong that aren’t under Satan’s spell have an incredible challenge. They will have to tread their own path, alone and all too often unseen and unheard.

The true villains are worse than Satan himself. Satan is unashamedly himself, he is what he is. The weak have no excuse, they are just weak and afraid.

Almost all of you are weak. And when you are visited by one of Satan’s minions you will have no one to blame but yourself.

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