Drugged out monkeya beautiful artwork

Digital abstract painting | Drugged out monkey
Another crazy digital artwork by Bert Ernie who is essentially a drugged out monkey. This painting is a little bit more simple in its composition. The goal as always is to create art that draws the eye across the painting and please the viewer with its wonderful and colorful forms.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2023.
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The story behind Drugged out monkey

Once there was a monkey named Manny, who lived in a lush jungle surrounded by trees and vines. Manny was a curious and playful creature who loved to swing from branch to branch, chase after insects, and sample different fruits. But one day, while exploring the jungle, Manny stumbled upon a strange substance. It was a potent drug that had been left behind by a group of hunters.

Intrigued, Manny decided to try it. At first, the effects were euphoric, and he felt a rush of happiness like he had never experienced before. He spent the next few days in a haze, constantly seeking out more of the drug and indulging in its mind-altering effects.

But as time went by, Manny realized the drug was slowly taking over his life. He became increasingly paranoid, having vivid hallucinations and becoming aggressive towards other animals. He also stopped eating and became emaciated, a shadow of his former self.

One day, while on a drug-fueled rampage, Manny stumbled upon a wise old sage, who took pity on him. The sage warned him of the dangers of drug abuse and told him that true happiness could not be found in drugs, but came from within. Manny was skeptical at first, but eventually he saw the wisdom in the sage’s words and sought help.

With the sage’s guidance, Manny detoxed and eventually kicked his drug habit. He discovered he didn’t need drugs to be happy; all he needed was to embrace his inner self and find joy in the simple things of life.

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