Delta Bedlam dancingRandy meets Delta

Digital abstract painting | Delta Bedlam dancing
Bert Ernie’s alter ego met a beautiful woman (Delta Bedlam) one night at the disco.
Dimensions: 10000px X 15000px.
Painted: 2022.
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The story behind Delta Bedlam dancing

Delta Bedlam was a sight to behold, a goddess on the dance floor. Her curves swayed and her hips gyrated to the beat, her infectious smile drawing all eyes to her. She was a woman that defied description, simply put, she was beauty personified.

Randy Cumpacker had always been a fan of dance, so when he heard about a new disco that had just opened up, he couldn’t resist checking it out. He was already there on the dance floor when Delta Bedlam strode in, commanding the attention of all around her.

As she moved, Randy felt his heart skip a beat. He was smitten and had to ask her to dance. Delta Bedlam, being the gracious and confident woman that she was, obliged and soon they were lost in the music’s rhythm.

Their dance was nothing short of magical, two strangers united by the power of dance. They laughed and chatted, their bodies in perfect sync, and soon they were the center of attention. The other patrons of the disco cheered and clapped as they moved, their energy contagious.

As the night wore on, Delta and Randy continued to dance, their connection growing stronger with every step. The disco was alive with the sound of their laughter, the energy of the crowd, and the beat of the music.

It was a night that neither of them would ever forget, and one that would stay with them for years to come. The night that Delta Bedlam and Randy Cumpacker danced the night away, in a happy, positive, and funny experience that would stay with them forever.

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