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Digital abstract painting | Colors of madness
This is Bert’s first digital abstract painting.
It is about his desire to explore his creative need to produce art that is colorful, chaotic and visually appealing.
It was created to be visually beautiful. Nothing more.
Every one of the digital abstract paintings will be turned into some form of wearable art. These will be made available at wild peach clothing.
Dimensions: 9000px X 6000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Soon.

The story behind Colors of madness

They say I am mad. Disturbed. Angry. Too angry. Angry at bus drivers.

Well maybe. But that’s because I am a genius and a complete idiot. At the same time.

The dichotomy of a Renaissance man. A person who wants it all and gets nothing because he won’t do as they ask.

So there we have it. The colors of madness. Black and white. Not really though.

Dull color experiment number one. Lines curving gently.

Someone has just started mowing their lawns at two o’clock in the morning. The dogs up and down the street have started barking.

They say I am mad. Disturbed. Angry. Too angry. Angry at lawn mowers.

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I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.