Bert Ernie is a lunatic 1a digital self portrait

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The day after Bert painted the previous digital abstract painting (Madman 3) he decided to do a self portrait. A self portrait that deals with his own mental health issues. This however is coming from a place of reflection and not a current event.
This work is focused on his dichotomous mind; his having the ability to hold one value and yet also hold the exact opposit value in as much regard.
bert Ernie has borderline personality disorder. And therefore in comparison to the rest of the world – is a complete and utter lunatic.
Either Bert is completely crazy or you lot are.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available as a poster at my clothing company.

The story behind – Bert Ernie is a lunatic 1

Bert is beautiful. Bert is alive. Bert is happy. Bert is a lunatic; a madman, call it what you will, but he is not like you – not even close.

He sees the world in all its beauty and ugliness and then turns around and paints in the opposite – totally abstract, with no real imagery that can be easily tied to my descriptions of his work of art. For the most part.

This madman and lunatic creates the most magnificent titillations for those who care to follow any number of the pathways. Follow a line, form, a color. Then step back and look again. In and out. Take in the larger composition, the smaller sub-compositions or focus on the small details. Let your mind run riot.

Bathe in your mind’s interpretations and explanations and enjoy the riotous art. For there is a limitless set of answers to take in. Is that a face, a wheel, a gun? Why does that loop? Those colors clash. That looks like….

The goal is to make you think and to provide your eye with pleasure.

The digital abstract paintings of a madman.

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I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.