All hail the kinga muppet

Digital Abstract Painting  - All hail the king
Queen Elizabeth died recently, and that meant that Charles took over as leader of the monarchy. As an Australian Bert found himself with a new leader – King Charles III then became the head of state. Literally. Top officials (parliamentarians and judges) had to swear allegiance to the new king.

So here’s Bert’s response; a mocking response to King Charles III – who is a welfare bum who thinks his shit doesn’t stink.
The little poem written to accompany this artwork is Bert being sarcastic.
Hopefully Australians will wake up and think for themselves and realise that they do not need any ties to these clowns.
Dimensions: 8334px X 12500px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: It’s available on a men’s t-shirt at my clothing company.

The story behind – All hail the king

King Charles the Third, a ruler of might. His reign filled with wisdom and insight. A leader with vision, a heart full of care, a steadfast monarch beyond compare.

With grace and with elegance, he leads his glorious land, guiding his people with a steady hand. A just and fair ruler, his rule shines so bright, A beacon of hope in the darkest of night.

His words are like music, his presence so grand, a symbol of strength for all in his land. His kingdom so prosperous, its people so proud, their love for their king, forever avowed.

King Charles the Third, a ruler divine, his greatness and power, forever to shine. A king for the ages, his legacy great, his name will be remembered, as the beginning of the end of state.

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