If you would like to purchase an original painting from Bert Ernie then use the contact form.

He is open to all reasonable offers.

There are a few conditions however.

  1. The offers made are reasonable. Bert has no need to sell his paintings, but gains a great deal of joy knowing someone likes his work so much they are willing to pay for it.
  2. The buyer will agree to pay all packing and shipping costs.
  3. The buyer will agree to using an escrow service. This protects both the buyer and seller.

So having got that out of the way it’s best to explain what reasonable means to the artist.

It means that the cost of materials is met. This isn’t a great deal as the cost is usually just the board, the paint and in some cases the painting is already framed. If the painting isn’t framed then the painting will be sold as is. If the painting is framed then the prospective buyer must understand that this has added to the cost.

To sum it up then; all paintings have a basic cost of materials/frame range of $50 up to $500.

Then we are left with the other factor – what is the painting worth. This is where any prospective buyer can make an offer. All paintings have the number of hours displayed on their page. This can vary from 20 or so up to over 700 hours. This is where he asks that you make a reasonable offer. Ask yourself – what sort of hourly rate of pay would I consider to be the minimum I would get out of bed for? Now Bert isn’t in any need to sell them so please don’t make an offer that devalues his work. Having said that this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t begin to discuss or make an offer.

For more information on terms and conditions and a brief summary of the escrow service then please read the terms and conditions here.