Abstract painting - Rave Party

Dimensions: 20x27cm.
Painted: 2009.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.

It is sold framed behind glass.
Availability: For sale $200.

Worldwide art shipping. Traceable and insured.

Shipping estimate

This is a small painting and therefore rather inexpensive to pack and ship.

To ship this painting to a location in Australia it would cost approximately $50.

To ship this painting to most locations worldwide it would cost approximately $120.

More information on how I pack and ship my paintings can be found here.

The story behind Rave Party

When I was a younger, more wild man about town; I would attend rave parties and dance all night. I loved the music, the lights, the people, and the whole vibe of the event.

This painting of a rave party is an attempt to communicate the ambiance of a wild, hedonistic rave party full of young men and women; high as a kite on drugs, dancing in unison to a throbbing electro-beat. It doesn’t attempt to show abstracted people at a rave party but shows both the sounds and visuals perceived by an individual who is dancing away, with his eyes closed. Someone who is loaded full of mind-altering drugs as they experience this fantastic rave party.

The multi-colored lights flicker. The strobing lights are matched with the tempo of the ground-shaking bass beat of the complex electronic music. Some people are isolated, dancing contentedly by themselves. Others dance in tightly packed groups, full of sexual lust. The musical sound that unites everybody at the rave party is a repeated, hypnotic pulse which starts in one corner of the brain and rapidly passes to the other corner.

The experience is quite a religious one for this person. It is an expression of themselves – a feeling of movement, a feeling of joy, a belief that they are alive and at one with the cosmos.

Abstract painting - Rave Party - Detail 1
Abstract painting – Rave Party – Detail 1
Abstract painting - Rave Party - Detail 2
Abstract painting – Rave Party – Detail 2

Although this painting is to be sold unframed this is what it could look like. It is shown for a better understanding of its size and presence.

Abstract painting - Rave party - Wall mockup
Abstract painting – Rave party – Wall mockup