Abstract painting - Loneliness

Dimensions: 20x27cm.
Painted: 2009.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.

Availability: For sale $50.

Worldwide art shipping. Traceable and insured.

Shipping estimate

This is a small painting and therefore rather inexpensive to pack and ship.

To ship this painting to a location in Australia it would cost approximately $50.

To ship this painting to most locations worldwide it would cost approximately $120.

More information on how I pack and ship my paintings can be found here.

The story behind Loneliness

Loneliness is a terrible thing to experience. In our overcrowded modern world, many people are lonely; and the problem is only getting worse. I am someone who has suffered from loneliness throughout my adult life. At times it is quite mild. Sometimes it is at an indescribably painful level.

With this most serious of subjects, I try to convey the sense of isolation and emotional pain that I feel when struck with loneliness. There is a feeling that very lonely people get to experience – it is that many people surround you, but you are almost invisible to them. Another part of loneliness depicted here is that those that are many other lonely people in the community. They too stand apart from those around them.

In this painting, the viewer is looking down on a community of people. Each person is a small dot, and the closer the dot is to another, the less lonely that person is. There are the occasional diffuse clouds and shapes that are representations of cultural groups that people belong to, that provide a sense of being for the people within it.

I am at the center shining brightly – but dying from loneliness. In this powerful work of abstract expressionism, I am bleeding from the thousand cuts of isolation – a pool of blood surrounds me. I am also not the only isolated and lonely person.

Abstract painting - Loneliness - Detail 1
Abstract painting – Loneliness – Detail 1
Abstract painting - Loneliness - Detail 2
Abstract painting – Loneliness – Detail 2

Although this painting is to be sold unframed this is what it could look like. It is shown for a better understanding of its size and presence.

Abstract painting - Loneliness - Wall mockup
Abstract painting – Loneliness – Wall mockup