Jungle 1a wild abstract painting of a wildman

Abstract painting | Jungle 1
One of Bert’s earlier abstract paintings. This was painted during a period of his life when he didn’t have the money to afford much in the way of art supplies. So he used the back of his photorealistic paintings to express himself.
These days Bert just paints the back of his paintings rather plainly. He don’t set out to create a work of art, he just needs to paint the back of the MDF panels in order to maintain flatness. Acrylic paint on just one side will pull it into a bowed saddle shape as much as 20mm..
When Bert first started painting abstraction it was a learning process. He explored forms, color and composition with every new artwork.
Dimensions: 44x67cm.
Painted: 2003.
Materials: Acrylic and enamel on MDF board.
Availability: This painting is in a private collection.

The story behind Jungle 1

Rampaging through a jungle runs a wild-haired brute of a man called Maz. He is chasing a woman who has sought the most alpha-male to mate with. She knows that when he catches up with her, he will rip her panties off and then they will have the hottest carnal sex. It is a fitting ritual to end the competition of natural selection, which has just finished.

In order to get to this point, Maz fought, in a clearing in the jungle, a hundred competitors for the right to have sex with this most beautiful woman. To ensure that her child would have the best genetics, she created and oversaw the challenge for the strongest man to emerge. The reward of the right to mate was enough to get the wild jungle-man Maz to sign up. And he liked to fight too.

It wasn’t easy for Maz – for he had to fight a hundred other men, many of whom were renowned in the combat sports. What they didn’t have was the level of cunning, determination, and treachery that Maz had. He had to resort to all sorts of tricks to win many of the fights. He punched, kicked, gouged, stomped and karate chopped his way through all of his competition. His face is a bit rough looking now, but Maz was born for this.

The jungle is the perfect spot for Maz – the law of the jungle requires that only the fittest survive.

Note: This painting is on the rear of INTERFET.

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