Demonan abstract painting of a very nasty demon woman

Abstract painting | Demon
This is a painting of one of the most disgusting humans Bert Ernie has ever met. She was truly a vile person.
The bitch deserves to be bashed to death.
But as many sociopaths find; they will get away with their evil behaviour. A smile here. A lie there.
Dimensions: 30x31cm.
Painted: 2017.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: For sale $20 unframed. $150 framed.

The story behind Demon

Many years ago, I encountered a real demon – she appeared in the female form and went by the name Marlene. She was a robust, powerful and yet attractive woman, but was genuinely evil.

She went about creating pain, humiliation, and suffering for those she deemed to be lesser beings. Marlene had weak, pathetic followers who followed her around the high school and did whatever horrible acts she would ask of them. The most common and vile act was to select a person who was a timid soul and torment them with any and all forms of intimidation. The attacks were intense and often ended up with her and her group physically attacking their victims.

This vile creature tormented me for a few years, on the basis of me being very skinny and having red hair. The verbal abuse and violence was on a near-daily basis and often left me in tears. I never fought back as I had been told that striking females was taboo; as well as the fact she would win in any fistfight. I now realize that even a pacifist has the right to defend themselves from violence, and I should have punched her as hard as I could – even if it meant getting seriously hurt.

Since that time, I have developed a new understanding of what drove Marlene. A demonically possessed soul who has nothing but hatred for herself – which she turns outward and persecutes others to mask her weakness.

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Wall mockup view of abstract painting – Demon

Abstract painting | Demon | Wall mockup

Detail views of abstract painting – Demon

Abstract painting | Demon | Detail 1
Abstract painting | Demon | Detail 2
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Abstract painting | Demon | Detail 4
Abstract painting | Demon | Detail 5

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