Crowd of spectators at a football matcha small abstract painting

Abstract painting | Crowd of spectators at a football match
What a beautiful little painting. Dynamic color forms dance across the surface and create the sort of thing that the subject speaks of. People wearing their team colors; punching and kicking one another.
Dimensions: 20x27cm.
Painted: 2009.
Materials: Acrylic and enamel on MDF board.
It is sold framed behind glass.
Availability: For sale $50.

The story behind Crowd of spectators at a football match

Australian Rules football is an action-packed game, and it is often painted as a subject by Australian artists. I decided that the more exciting subject matter was the crowd of spectators.

This particular football match shows the beginning of the half-time break between Collingwood and Richmond, and the two playing teams supporters are shouting abuse and insults at one another.

Most of the crowd are regular football fans who are enjoying the atmosphere of the event. Some of the people in the crowd are making their way to get something to eat and drink from one of the overpriced food stalls. Others are waving their arms wildly because a television cameraman has turned towards the crowd to capture the excitement.

There is also a group of drunk young men who are at the football match just to cause trouble. One of the yobbos has just vomited a cascade of beer and chips over a Richmond supporter. Who is reacting by threatening to beat the hell out of the drunken fool. The police have noticed the developing fight and are pushing their crisp blue uniforms through the crowd so that they can bash the heads together of all those involved. Then they will drag them all off to the police station to be charged with being an idiot.

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Wall mockup view of abstract painting – Crowd of spectators at a football match

Abstract painting | Crowd of spectators at a football match | Wall mockup

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