Alien jungle 1a totally true story

Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1
This is one of a series of four abstract paintings that Bert completed at the same time.
Alien jungle 1 is based on a totally true story.
At the time Bert painted this he was looking to create soemthing beautiful. The revelation was that even with a small area to paint on, there was enough room to create a work of art which made the viewers eye wander, that is the key to making a great abstract painting.
Dimensions: 31x29cm.
Painted: 2017.
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board.
Availability: For sale $20 unframed. $150 framed.

The story behind Alien Jungle 1

I started to notice the subtle changes as I walked along the path in the Yarra Glen forest on that fateful day in 2017. The further I walked into the woods, I began to notice the appearance of the occasional odd-looking and brightly colored tree. I was curious and continued.

I soon came to a small clearing and then realized that everything about the environment had changed. The forest could no longer be described as a forest – it was a brightly colored jungle. Even the sky above had changed color – it was a mauve hue.

I soon began to notice, somewhat hidden by the jungle, all manner of strange creatures. They had a similarity to Earth’s animals, but they were best described as mutants. Some creatures looked like small green dogs but had scales like a reptile. The pink-colored birds had muscular legs and arms as well as large feathered wings. There was a creature that resembled an eight-legged horse, but it was multi-colored and had sharp-looking horns all over its body.

As I stood there taking it all in, an enormous creature that looked like a yellow-skinned gorilla came charging out of the woods screaming and yelling in an alien language. I turned and ran back the way I had come along what I later realized was a parallel universe path. Thankfully this took me back to planet Earth and Yarra Glen.

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Wall mockup view of abstract painting – Alien jungle 1

Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1 | Wall mockup

Detail views of abstract painting – Alien jungle 1

Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1 | Detail 1
Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1 | Detail 2
Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1 | Detail 3
Abstract painting | Alien jungle 1 | Detail 4

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