Quick summary

Bert Ernie is a 50 year old Australian artist who has painted in a photorealistic style for twenty years but is now focusing on creating the most beautiful art he can.

And that means he has chosen to paint in a totally abstract way.

Photorealist painting

Bert Ernie began painting photorealism in 1998. Having never gone to study art in any formal way he had to teach himself how to draw and paint by trial and error. Over the next twenty years he completed 38 photorealistic paintings. There are three further paintings which are semi-completed. The process of painting photorealism involves a great deal of concentration and time. Bert no longer enjoys the act of painting photorealistically and he has abandoned this type of art.

Abstract Painting

Bert has been painting in an abstract way for almost twenty years. The paintings have almost exclusively been in a totally abstract form. Originally the idea of the abstract work was to express an idea. However since late 2017 the expression of an idea has had another element added – that the painting also be the most beautiful he can make it.

Other art practices

Bert also creates digital works of art – abstract, photorealistic and photography.

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Bert Ernie – the person

Bert Ernie wasn’t always known by that name – he was born Mark Alan Russell. Bert Ernie is now his legal name.

Bert identifies himself in the following way (and in order of importance). This might seem a little weird to some.

  1. A human – and with that all of the rights and responsibilities that go with that.
  2. An anarcho-pacifist.
  3. An artist.

Bert Ernie’s political views.

Bert can best sum up his political views by introducing his idea of the twelve rules of society. This is the basis of what Bert thinks should happen. The twelve rules has come about because Bert is writing a book about a man who goes to a parallel universe – an anarchist world with just twelve rules.

How to contact Bert Ernie

If you would like to contact Bert Ernie then the best way is by using the contact page which is here.