Twenty years of design

I have decided to celebrate twenty years of my use of 3D software for creating art as well as providing me a living (for 5 years). So please scroll through this page to see my work.

Parallel Universe Machine – Factory 888

Spaceship design

Looking back at my initial attempts at creating renderings of spaceships I can see that they lack a little sophistication. However that is due to two factors. I was a self-taught beginner and the lack of capability from both the software and my desktop computer.

The designin the first image is literally my first attempt at designing a spaceship. It was modeled in one sitting in late 2000 with AutoCAD. It was rendered as shown here in Solidworks later.

I created around fifty spaceship designs from 2000 till 2010 – almost all in Solidworks. Sadly I no longer have any of the original files. I do have a pdf file which I created at the time under my birth name (Mark Russell). Click the button below to see this open in a new tab.

The following three videos represent my attempts at rendering video in Solidworks.

First use of 3D software. Spaceship design in AutoCAD.
Low-res rendering of a spaceship design #1. Circa 2005.
Low-res rendering of a spaceship design #2. Circa 2005.
Low-res rendering of a spaceship docking at a space station. Circa 2005.

Mechanical draftsperson

I had to adapt in 2004; I had a serious injury to my left hand which stopped me from working as a factory-hand and machinist. So I completed a Diploma of Engineering Technology under my birth name (Mark Russell). I must say I really enjoyed the experience and did quite well.

I worked at a few companies as a mechanical Draftsperson and I have shown two of the drawings (out of several thousand) I did for DEKS industries so you can see the sort of work I was doing.

Parallel Universe Machine

Quite a while back started to write a book about a parallel universe and needed a machine. So I took to my favorite engineering design tool – Siemens NX.

What can be seen here are several renders. One is of the actual machine assembly and the others are the machine installed in the factory itself. Doing this level of complexity is extremely difficult for most PC’s. The amount of hours involved must be close to a thousand.


I took a 3D scan of a human skull and created some wild art. The first is the skull with a bubblewrap texture with a colorful camouflage added to the texture. This was rendered in Luxion’s Keyshot. The second item is a video which just uses a basic chrome texture. This is again rendered in Keyshot. Compositing was done in Adobe Premiere.