Sold paintings

These are the abstract and realist paintings that Australian artist Bert Ernie has sold.
They are shown in order of latest to oldest.
  • Adam Mazzon
    Adam Mazzon

    This painting of Adam Mazzon is an example of photorealistic painting at its best. If you ever need to paint a portrait of a person ‘in action’ with a great deal of verisimilitude then there is only one way – paint a photograph.

  • Siemens PLM – The conquest of bread
    Siemens PLM – The conquest of bread

    Siemens PLM – The conquest of bread. A photorealist painting of an image from a brochure for Siemens PLM software.

  • Sunrise over Yarra Glen
    Sunrise over Yarra Glen

    A landscape painting which features the sun rising over the Yarra Valley in Australia.

  • Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2
    Field of flowers Yarra Glen 2

    A painting of a Field of Flowers in Yarra Glen.

  • Wildman Buffalo
    Wildman Buffalo

    Sold. An abstract expressionist painting of Wildman Buffalo.

  • Oasis in the desert
    Oasis in the desert

    An abstract painting of an oasis in the desert.

  • View of Yarra Glen
    View of Yarra Glen

    A photorealist landscape painting of Yarra Glen.

  • Byzantium Security
    Byzantium Security

    A photorealist painting of New York police officers protecting a bank.

  • Self portrait 2012
    Self portrait 2012

    A photorealist self portrait of Australian artist Bert Ernie