Sunrise over the Yarra Valley 1 is a landscape painting which features the sun rising over the Yarra Valley in Australia.
It is an acrylic painting on canvas.
The dimensions are of the actual artwork are 50cmx70cmx1cm.
It is sold unframed.


The story behind Sunrise over the Yarra Valley 1

This is a disappointing painting. I painted on an unprepared canvas which was too small. The texture of an unprepared (gesso) canvas doesn't make painting fine detail easy at all; and this problem plagued me throughout the process of copying the very fine details that are visible in the source image. Compounding this problem was the scale I chose - I used a 50x70 cm canvas instead of 120x180 cm size (which I have now bought two). And in addition I see that the colors are substantially different to the source image. Some of that is due to the process of photography however.

This painting was intended to be entered into the 2020 Wynne Prize but due to circumstances I could not do so.

In future I will paint a series of incredible landscapes from the many photographs I have taken of the Yarra Valley.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 50 × 70 cm



Acrylic on canvas



Year Painted


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