Photorealist painting – Astute 1


Original photorealist painting of HMS Astute as she sits on the docks at BAE systems by Australian artist Bert Ernie.
Acrylic on MDF board. 47x62cm.
Painted 2012.
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This is a photorealist painting about power. Brutal power. It’s also a painting that pays tribute to engineering (which is one of Bert Ernie’s favorite themes). The Astute is a British submarine which sits here in this image on the docks at BAE systems ready to be launched. Various dignitaries are milling about prior to the official launching ceremony.

Bert has managed to accurately capture the realism of the scene (especially the surface of the submarine) with a marvelous photorealistic technique. The subject of brutal power isn’t usual in the art-world and rarely taken up by photorealist painters. The combination of the visual qualities and the conceptual basis for the work make for an outstanding piece of art that should engage people in discussion for many hours.

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Dimensions 47 x 62 x 0.6 cm


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