Fight of the Aliens 1 is an abstract painting of a fight to the death.
It is the first painting in this series.
It is an acrylic and enamel painting on MDF board.
The dimensions are of the actual artwork are 92cmx61cmx1cm.
It is sold unframed.

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The story behind Fight of the Aliens 1

Flying away in the spaceship (again) in 2004, I was off to another new alien world. Instead of viewing the strange planet from outer space, I was transported to the planetary surface. From a safe distance, what I saw was genuinely shocking and obscene – an incredibly vicious fight between two new alien creatures.

Two aliens of different species stand engaged in combat – ripping, gouging, punching, and kicking each other. The fight apparently has been going on for several years. The more massive and more powerful alien is a blue dragon-like creature – and it is currently winning the battle. Its opponent is a darker red-brown dog-like creature with large tusk-like fangs. There is a lot of blood and gore in the scene – however both of the aliens continue to fight with unrestrained ferocity.

My alien friend explains how the sheer folly of this fight is that the two opponents have no real quarrel. Neither of them can remember why the fight initially started. They only know that they want to be the victor and so they battle with incredible ferocity.

We watch for an indeterminate amount of time before the strange alien provides some art materials and asks me to paint the scene. I comply, and when finished, even though the fight continues, I am told I have to return to Earth.

You can see the first painting in this series (Fight of the Aliens 2) here.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions1 × 91 × 62 cm



Acrylic and enamel on MDF board



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