Celebrities at a Party in Yarra Glen is an abstract painting of a wild party in the town of Yarra Glen.
It is an acrylic painting on MDF board which has been varnished.
The dimensions are of the actual artwork are 60cmx90cmx1cm.
It is sold unframed.


The story behind Celebrities at a Party in Yarra Glen

In this painting, there are a hundred or so of the most exciting and beautiful people on the planet gathered around an outdoor pool and barbecue in the warmth of the Australian summer.

At this party, you can see Justin Bieber, Luc Besson, and Paul McCartney having a cold beer and a laugh. Judy Sheindlin and Howard Stern are being taught how to break-dance by Sean Combs. Jerry Seinfeld appears to be reenacting some wild driving experience to quite a number of people – including Dwayne Johnson, Ed Coan, Chris Rock, David Beckham, and Madonna.

The person in charge of the barbecue is none other than Dave Chapelle, who is yelling out for people to come and get some “fine-cooked meat!”. The music being played by a crazily dressed Japanese DJ is the Skyhooks song ‘Party to end all parties.’ Joe Rogan is wearing a bright yellow mankini and setting up to somersault from the diving board into the pool. In the pool itself, most of the attention from those that are in it has turned to Asahi Mizuno who has had her tiny blue bikini top fall off as she leaves the pool.

Towards the background of the painting, you can see Noam Chomsky telling a joke to Christophe LeVeque, Snoop Dogg and Fernando Alonso. I am in there somewhere, standing at my easel, brush in hand, creating another masterful abstract expressionist painting of this wild scene.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions1 × 60 × 90 cm



Acrylic on MDF Board



Year Painted


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