Photorealist painting - Gildemeister DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK
Photorealist painting - Gildemeister DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 82 x 61 cm
Painted: 2010
This painting is available for sale for the princely sum of $2000
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As a contemporary painter Bert is able to deal with the art of the idea (conceptual art) and the visual (realist art). This painting is of a 5 sided, 5 axis machining centre, more specifically a Gildemeister DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK.

Bert’s photorealistic paintings of CNC machines are to communicate the ideas of power, accuracy and perfectionism as well as celebrating cutting edge technology. The machine tool shown here is powerful, expensive and considered to be the best of its class. Gildemeister (Gildemeister are now known as DMG MORI) are the world’s biggest manufacturer of machine tools and manufacture the highest quality CNC machinery in the industry.

There is also another metaphor to be understood by the viewer that might not be quite clear. As the painting is of something that is widely considered to be ‘best in its class’ – by painting it Bert is making a boastful claim that he too is to be considered the best in class. Unfortunately he hasn’t even been successful in any way, shape or form.

The Gildemeister DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK painting is easily one of Bert Ernie’s finest photorealist paintings. It works very well on the visual level as it has the depiction of highly geometrical metal surfaces which are rendered extremely accurately. It is also a painting which expresses the ideas of power, accuracy, quality and capability which are qualities the artist wants to be known for.

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