Photorealist painting - Neda
Photorealist painting - Neda Soltan
Acrylic on MDF board 21x28cm.
Prints for sale - Canvas, Acrylic, Metal - Framed and unframed
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Neda Soltan – Iranian Martyr

This is Neda Soltan, the young woman who was murdered in the streets of Tehran during large scale protests at the corrupt election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. She was murdered in cold blood by Abbas Kargar Javid, a pro-government militiaman.

Neda Soltan died on the 20th June 2009. Within hours a video of her death went viral. It can be seen on YouTube here. Bert saw the video, like millions of others, and burst into tears. He was absolutely horrified that such a senseless death could have happened in the name of defending a corrupt any tyrannical government. The Iranian government had manipulated the votes and the election widely seen by many in the western world as rigged. Even worse was the fact that Neda Soltan wasn’t even in the street to protest. She was merely a bystander.

Since Neda’s death the Iranian government has continued to obfuscate and peddle lies that she was killed by the CIA. They have also desecrated her grave.

Neda should have won the 2009 Nobel peace prize, not Barack Obama – even he acknowledged it in his acceptance speech.