Photorealist painting - Vineyard
Photorealist painting - Vineyard
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 15 x 30 cm
Painted: 2009

This photorealist painting is of a vineyard in Yarra Glen, the heart of the Yarra Valley which is famous for its wine. Bert painted it hoping it would appeal to tourists. It was reasonably difficult to do because trying to get the realism ‘just right’ on this small scale requires acute observation and a very deft touch using the OOO brushes that he uses 80% of the time.

Photorealist landscapes are very difficult to paint due to the surfeit of chaotic detail, with its myriad of subtle, variations of colour as well as the need to duplicate intense hues present a huge challenge for the artist. Bert had started to use the best acrylic paint in the world (Chromacolour) around this time and feels it is a major factor in making his work both easier and better.

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