Photorealist painting - Still life with crab
Photorealist painting - Still life with crab
Acrylic on MDF board
60 x 80cm
Original painting for sale
Prints for sale - Canvas, Acrylic, Metal - Framed and unframed
Extremely high quality

Photorealist painting – Still life with crab

This photorealistic still life painting is homage to the Seventeenth century Dutch still life genre. Masters like Heda and Kalf painted many a still life with a dark background. This was to push the viewer’s eye firmly into looking at the sumptuously detailed work. Bert Ernie’s work is based on a photograph taken in 2009 and it features a mango, bananas, a blue swimmer crab, a pineapple, a Chinese hand painted bowl with capsicum, peaches, strawberries and grapes in it. There is also a wedge of blue cheese, a seashell, a gold vase with roses and even a snowflake curio object in the painting. The table was a round one topped off with a difficult to paint cloth which is what Bert calls ‘flip-flop’ coloured – the technical term would refer to it as ‘interfering’ with the light. The ‘surface of things’ is always a challenge for the photorealist painter.

Bert only occasionally tackles still life paintings despite finding them very enjoyable to paint. If you would like to see more photorealistic still life painting then Bert suggests you see Pierre Raby’s beautiful paintings here.