Photorealist painting – Rebecca Parker

Photorealist painting - Rebecca Parker
Photorealist painting - Rebecca Parker
Acrylic on MDF board 60x80cm.

This painting has was painted after several years of Bert not having even so much as picked up a paint brush. He had a period of complete disillusionment with art. It was painted for his friend Rebecca Parker.

This is a painting full of joy. It shows a young mother with her children. It was taken by Bert when they were at Lilydale lake swimming. The little boy Ned was a little bit upset over the fact he had lost one of his toy cars. His sister Charlie tries to console him. Just a typical moment in the lives of ordinary people, Captured first by the camera and then rendered with paint. Photorealist art at its best. This was entered into the 2009 Archibald prize. It failed to get noticed by the judges however.

Bert remained friends with Rebecca until her sad and tragic death on Thursday 27th April 2017.

Photographic tribute to Rebecca Amy Parker