Photorealist painting – Osama

Photorealist painting - Osama

Photorealist painting – Osama
Acrylic on MDF board 61x91cm.

Original painting for sale – $700

The biggest arsehole on the planet

Soon after the tragic events of September 11, 2001 Bert decided to create this photorealist painting of Osama bin Laden. So he took his source image from Time magazine and started painting. Originally the painting was going to just depict the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist sitting on his cushions with his gun next to him. After painting the image it came to trimming off the remaining board (61x91cm. was a standard size available), but Bert saw an opportunity to strengthen the composition and leave no doubt in the viewer’s mind what the painter thought of the subject. So Bert added the words – ‘The biggest arsehole on the planet’.

This is another of Bert’s paintings which is almost totally conceptual. By that the artist has only used photorealism as a vehicle to convey an idea or message. As opposed to typical ‘straight’ photorealism which is primarily focused on the depiction of ‘the surface of things’.

Despite stating his utter contempt and disgust at Osama, Bert considers the Americans murder of Osama to be appalling. He believes everybody (including terrorists) have a right to life. It would also have been far better if Osama had been captured and tried in a court.